Refrigeration Access Valve & Freon Fittings
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Are you worried about the pressure levels of your refrigeration system? Then our refrigeration access valves are the best you can get.

Our refrigeration Access Valves provide low cost, convenient access ports for refrigeration service. The access ports can be installed from any position on either low or high side for pressure checking, quick testing, charging and purging. All crosses and tees are tapped to obtain an access core in all ¼” SAE flare ends. All access valves with their pipe connections come with an internal ODS solder cup. All these valves are assembled with one valve core and a cap. The SAE J2197 ACME and ¼” SAE threads provide Refrigerant adapters.

What are the Benefits/Features of refrigeration access valves?

  • Low cost
  • All brass construction
  • Crosses and tees configured to obtain an access core in all 1/4″ SAE flare ends.
  • Access valves with their pipe connections come with internal ODS solder cups
  • Adapters with SAE J2197 ACME to ¼” SAE threads.
  • Equipped with tight, quick seal caps.
  • Use of either low or high side.
  • Designed according to ARI 720 specifications.


  • Pressure testing.
  • Charging refrigeration lines.

Refrigerator A/C system has access ports used to service and monitors the A/C system. The ports have a valve element within the port that is normally brazen to the A/C line. Usually, the valve has a self-sealing rubber component that is activated by a depressor pin to open and close the A/C valve element.

Product Details

  • Nut Material.
  • Fluorocarbon Refrigerants.

High Side Service

The port provides quick connect fitting to enable access to the high-pressure area of the A/C system.AC systems are evacuated from the high side service port within the assembly plant. Hence, the high side service port has to incorporate a high flow capacity valve.

Low Side Service

The port is a quick connect fitting for providing access to the low-pressure side of the AC system. AC systems are evacuated from the low side service port within the assembly plant.

Switch Port

These access ports are available on both the low and high side lines in the AC systems for temperature and pressure sensing. The ports often comprise of a standard valve core between the refrigerant and the sensing element. Usually, it is the standard core used in switch ports.

Valve Cores

The cores comprise of machinated brass bodies that have some rubber seals screwed into a distinct valve port. The core seal affixed to a pin which is activated when it comes into contact with a coupler depressor. It is an aluminium fabricated port, which is welded or brazed onto the lines.

Machine brass bodies with rubber seals are the main components of valve cores. They are screwed to different valve ports, and the core seal is attached to a pin. When contact is made with the coupler depressor, the pin actuates. The core goes into an aluminium fabricated port, usually welded or brazed. A Rubber-Teflon external seal located on the core guarantees a steady attachment between the port and core.

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