Ref. Brass Distributors
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brass distributors for ac coils

Refrigerant Brass Distributors

Refrigerant brass distributors are a device connected to the outlet of a thermostatic expansion valve.

Brass distributor brazing copper capillary tubes as a copper pipe assemblies of evaporator coils.

A/C coil distributor is also used for air conditioner coils like condenser, evaportator, heat exchanger.

The surface of brass distributor assembly has under gone chromium free oxidation treatment.

No leakage is found during three minutes test at 4.5MPa pressure, good welding characteristics.

Regular capillary tubes for 9.52mm, 7.94mm, 7.00mm diameter, and 1 to 10 pieces tube welded.

Regular inlet diameter for 6mm to 41.3mm, outlet diameter for 3.8mm to 4.76mm, holes for 2 to 42 pcs.

Available to be customized according to customer’s drawings.

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