Cu Cross Over Bend
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copper cross over bend

Copper Cross Over Bend for Air Conditioner

Copper cross over bend of air conditioner copper fittings used for condenser, evaporator, heat changer.

Made in raw materials of copper tube Alloy No. C12200 TP2.

Processing in automated blending machine equipments.

Regular specification for 7, 7.93, 9.52, 12.7, 15.88mm diameter.

Available for brazing rings diameter 1.6 and 1.8mm – Ag 2%.

Packing in pobly bags, in carton  box and pallets.

OEM request and customer’s drawing available.

Sr. Diameter Wall Thickness Pitch Height
1 5/16″ 0.50mm 22.22mm 21.00mm
2 3/8″ 0.55mm 25.40mm 23.00mm
3 1/2″ 0.60mm 31.75mm 28.00mm

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