Access Charging Valve
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Access Fittings Charging Valves

Access Fittings Charging Valves

While air conditioner or refrigeration services, access fittings charging valves will be a convenient port, who could be installed in any location on eight high or low side for refrigerant charing, purging, testing and pressure checking.

Our access fittings have 1/4″ SAE male flare access ports with a seal cap and a stainless and brass valve core.

The special valve core will be suitable for refrigerant R22, R134a, R407c and R502 etc.

Regular access fitting valves for Brass Tee Type, Brass Elbow Type, Copper Tube Type available.

Except for Copper tube type, access charging valves with a flare nut and a depressor tip on the port.

Quality tests 100% inspected before making shipment.

OEM request and any customer’s drawing available.

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